The Eternal Purpose (a manuscript excerpt)

Christ-Centered Christianity

Five years ago this month, I had a terrible fall off of a ladder that broke under me while I was doing some tree work.  Fortunately, I had enough wherewithal to toss the chainsaw far from me as I fell, but the ten foot “seat drop” onto hard ground left me with a crushed vertebrae and eight and a half months of at-home recovery.  During my unplanned “vacation”, I sought to make the most of the situation by pouring a good amount of time into writing a draft manuscript for a book that had been on my heart to write for some time.  The working title of the book was Full Circle – An End-Time Restoration Manifesto.  It focused on the Christ-centered restoration of an overcoming remnant at the end of the age. (Hmmm, sound familiar?? 🙂 ) 

It was during those months that I also began blogging as a way of sharing…

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When Women Rule Us Astray

While We Slept

When women rule us astray
In Isaiah 3:1-15 God laments over his people of Jerusalem and Judah because of their disobedient condition and the public parading of their sin. Their behavior reminds us a lot of the condition the whole world is in today. Verse 12 may sound particularly shocking for our modern ears. God then saw women in ruling position not as the sign of blessing, but asan expression of his judgment over his people.

women-march1 Women’s March, Versailles Wikimedia Commons

In our modern world, about 22 countries live under the rule of women. Countries like Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Senegal, South Korea or Bangladesh have a female president, Prime Minister or Chancellor. What is God’s perspective when he looks on 22 countries ruled by women? God is the one who establishes governing authorities; he changes time and seasons; he sets up kings and deposes them. He…

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Review of “The Torch and the Testimony” by John W. Kennedy

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I have actually had the book “The Torch of the Testimony” by John W. Kennedy for some time, ever since reading “Pagan Christianity” by Frank Viola and George Barna a couple years ago. I have also read quite a lot of books on church history but believe this by far is probably the most succinct and least biased that I have read. Too often as the saying goes “those who win the war writes the history.” Sadly when many of the gatherings of Christ’s people degenerated into a religion they tended to be the only writers since they attempted to exterminated those true gatherings of God of whom they disagreed with. But in this day and age God has raised up some truly excellent writers who not only have experienced and expressed the life of Christ but can write in humbleness of heart and share using history as a backdrop…

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